Recognized as safe

Same Sugar, 5% Calories!

ZIS Food Science is a biotech venture that develops an enzyme-based technology that converts the fruit’s (or vegetable's) sugar reservoir to various low- to no-calorie rare sugars (e.g., allulose) in a cost-effective manner.

Sugar, the main contributor to obesity and its associated pathologies can be found everywhere, also in so-called "healthy products". 

Dairy products, natural-squeezed or sweetened beverages contain large quantities of unhealthy sugars (up to 30 grams per cup!).


ZIS is going to change that - and we are going to do so without affecting the product taste.

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ZIS’s Secret Sauce:

Proprietary Enzymes

Special enzymes with tailor-made properties that convert common sugars into calorie-free rare sugars.




Manufacturing Process

An exclusive technique to assimilate the abovementioned into a mass-production line.






Allulose is a naturally accruing sugar that has only a fraction of the per-weight calories value of sucrose. Moreover, Allulose has virtually no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels and is considered safe to consume, even by people suffering from diabetes.


Unlike any other natural or artificial sweeteners, such as stevia and aspartame, Allulose is nearly identical in every property to table sugar. In terms of consistency, bulk, heat-response, taste, and chemical profiles. This, in turn, enables similar interactions with other food ingredients and facilitates the incorporation of Allulose into virtually any recipe.


ZIS will revolutionize the F&B industry, by enabling to market the beloved products with the same original flavor but much healthier

“Making the world a healthier place, one rare sugar at a time.”